Student Feedback

Below are quotes from students regarding critical thinking and some of the new strategies we have used for learning this year:

Since I was in a group, we all figured that the most effective way for everyone to efficiently complete a specific criterion was for everyone to [choose] criteria they were weak on.

I would love to work on a more polished draft of this piece of writing [a personal idea, not assigned work] if I have time, and this is worth taking the time. But, I would also like to sit down with you after I have seriously revised it and put some finishing touches to this as well as sit and talk to you about your opinion.

I need more time for my project because I realized that what I was working on wasn’t going to work out.  I didn’t want to hand it in if it wasn’t good, but now I need to start over.

I’ve never really been to good at decoding ideas from large bodies of information. And from this project I learned that to effectively do this you need to read the information multiple times. This way you really learn the information. And it helps you transfer it to other pieces of writing. At the end I feel that I can now be effective at decoding ideas.

I think critical thinking is important because it can widen our perspective on a topic.

I think I do better when I think critically because I put more effort in and my work is more detailed and I get a higher mark.

I think it [critical thinking] is important because you can discuss your opinion with others and have a better understanding.

It think that critical thinking is very important in our decision making and in our daily lives.  That is why I like how the course is changing; we are beginning to do stuff that is useful.

My group was forced to use critical thinking when coming up with the lyrics to our song.  We had to be creative and find a smart way to make our lyrics flow and make sense towards our subject.  We also had to think of ways to be thoughtful when we were filming the video, dealing with camera angles, lighting, and positions.

We used critical thinking when taking other people’s thoughts/opinions then transforming them into separate points to improve the project.

I used critical thinking throughout the whole project.  I asked questions about the task, I had to look on the Internet to look for others’ opinions, and I had to ask myself: ‘is this good enough or will it work with what I have so far?’ I had to ask my group if it was good or not.  I had to choose to add more, and to take away some.

I can’t wait to go home and do homework.

You get home and your parents see that you have 55% in L.A. they don’t care that you have an 87% in Math or an 85% in Science… Its only that L.A. mark that they care about.

From areas of our education system I get the idea that our leaders think that every student is the exact same, every student has the same abilities, thought processes, experiences, and genes, but no. Every single one of us is different, every single one of us learns through different ways of teaching and enjoys certain things more than others.  So why are we all tested by the same means? I don’t know to tell you the truth, but I do know that right now school and certain things in our school are making me sick of learning.

The steps we have made was to first figure out what the problem is with schools and safety, then find proof for the problems at other schools and then explain how to fix the problem.  We also found what the benefits and concerns would be with our “problem changing” ideas, and then to add a conclusion instead of adding a boring paragraph on the end.  We added conclusion questions to sum up some questions that are thought of and the last step was gathering other people’s opinions and our opinions.We messed up a couple times with this project mostly vocabulary and certain points that didn’t need to be displayed. [They went on to fix these areas, though rather than just leaving them as errors.]


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