21 Century Competencies


This model of 21st century competencies is one that makes a lot of sense to me as far as understanding the importance for teachers.  At the core of everything we do is the student and the goal of helping them to become literate and logical.  Historically, this was important in order to instruct students in the subject areas that education decided was necessary for students to learn.  And this was about it.  From there educators would send students out into the world to pursue careers where employers would take over guiding their lives and determining what was important.

Now however, in the 21st century, things are different.  Employers want to hire individuals who take initiative, make them money, are self-directed, communicate well, have a positive online presence, are leaders, and are culturally aware.  But don’t take my word for it; check out a couple of these links from cnn.com, Helium.com, thegobeandmail.com, and The Conference Board of Canada.  Looking back at the model above, these are the competencies we should be building in our students as we teach them the curriculum for our subject areas.  The content of the course should be learned in ways that also allow students to acquire and strengthen the 21st century competencies.  Subject matter should be focused, when possible (which is very often) on these areas.  For example, the texts an ELA teacher chooses could help build global awareness, or a Math class could ask students to consider an innovative application for the concept they are learning.  As we teach the curriculum with a focus on building 21st century competencies, we then develop students who are engaged thinkers, who are ethical and entrepreneurial citizens.


7 thoughts on “21 Century Competencies

  1. I have nothing but TOTAL SUPPORT for what you are doing. I blog about “Critical Skills” which, in reality, are the kinds of skills that are shown in your model, and would like to refer readers to your blog site with your permission. Occasionally there may be a post or two that you have made that, again with your permission, I would like to “reblog” and, of course, give total attribution to you or to the author of your post. My blog address is: http://criticalskillsblog.com so you can check it out. I wish you the very best of luck in reaching out and communicating the message of the need for teaching Critical Skills in our educational system. And, obviously, to communicate the essential need for authentic assessment – the ONLY way that such Critical Skills may be assessed. Good luck to you! CCJett – Chicago

    • I’ll check out your blog and certainly let you know about reports. By all means, refer people my way. Thanks for the comments.

      Jonathan Groff JonDavidGroff.com

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    • I would be honoured to allow you to share any of my posts with your readers and to have them referred to my blog. I look forward to digging deeper into your site and learning more. Just one thing: the attribution should be to Jon David Groff 🙂

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 1:33 AM, A Ship at Sea

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